Copper Bottles
Available in different patterns, sizes and storage capacity based choices, this array of Copper Bottles is perfect choice for hygienic storage of drinking water. Such bottles are highly durable, have adequate storage capacity and are convenient to clean. 

Copper Jugs
This array of Copper Jugs is notable for unique pattern, standard storage capacity and elegant  look. Made of pure copper, these jugs are ideal for hygienic storing of drinking water.

Copper Glass
Copper Glasses offered by us are well known for their anti microbial attributes. These glasses are accessible in different shapes and sizes to choose from. Cost effectiveness, high durability and ease of maintenance are the key features of these metal items.

Copper Gift Sets
This array of Copper Gift Sets can be availed in alluring pattern and also in different shapes and sizes. Made of pure metal, such gifts symbolize good luck for their copper content.

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